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Waxing in Ocala, Florida

Headed to the beach or just need a quick clean up? Our Licensed Estheticians provide waxing services in a professional, spa atmosphere. Our staff has a cumulative total of 37 years experience. Waxing services include both men and women and all body areas.

What Areas Can I Wax?

We can wax anywhere from your lip area to the tops of your toes. Larger areas may include Brazilian, back and chest.

Does it Hurt?

Many are familiar with the pain of waxing, either through personal experience or hearing about it. A scene from the movie TheĀ 40 Year-Old VirginĀ helped popularize the idea that waxing is incredibly painful. We take patient comfort seriously. If you are sensitive to pain, we can work as quickly, or as slowly, as possible. You should be out of here in no time, blessed with the smooth, hair-free skin you desire.

Why Wax When There’s Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal can be gratifying once you start to see hair does not grow back. But waxing can be equally as rewarding and can more quickly give you the results you want. Whether you pursue waxing, laser hair removal or a combination is your personal preference. We like to think of laser hair removal as a more long-term option, with waxing more suitable to finer areas you want to change over time (e.g. eyebrows). Please note that laser hair removal may be a better option if you have particularly sensitive skin.

Waxing is Fun, Fast and Fruitful!

You can wax your skin in a quick appointment that allows you to use the rest of your day for the activities you really want to do, such as spend time with your kids, go out to the movies or go bowling. Our Licensed Estheticians work efficiently so you can enjoy every second of the waxing experience, too.

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