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Grow Old Beautifully

We offer many options to help you be the best you can be. Many of our treatments are not just for your face. From laser hair removal treatment to Ultherapy, meet with one of our professionals to discuss treatment options to help you stay healthy and youthful.

Laser Hair Removal

Get the smooth skin you’ve always wanted. Ditch the razors, waxes and creams. Laser hair removal offers a permanent, easy and affordable solution to unwanted hair without the irritation, red bumps or stubble.

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Tired of those wet stains underneath your armpits? Does the sweat make you feel embarrass or self-conscious? Well Advanced Aesthetics Med Spa wants to bring back your confidence! Advaned Aesthetic Med Spa now offers Miradry! MiraDry is a non-invasive treatment that will say goodbye to those annoying sweat glands!

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Cheat time and slow down the effects of aging! Fraxel® is proven laser technology that can help reverse the visible effects of aging, naturally helping you look as young as you feel. Fraxel can help with fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damage and improve skin tone and texture.

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Fractional Co2

Look as young as you feel. Ablative Fractional CO2 laser will resurface your skin, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet, and eliminate brown spots and acne scars. Fractional CO2 is proven laser technology that can help reverse the visible effects of aging on face, neck, décolleté and arms.

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Fresh, healthy looking skin, starts at our door. The V-beam (pulsed-dye) laser is the gold standard for treating vascular skin conditions. This includes the treatment of rosacea, port wine stains, and broken blood vessels.

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Eclipse Micro Needling

Erase the years away with the Eclipse MicroPen™. Automated micro-needling (also known as collagen induction therapy or CIT) is a new innovation in aesthetic medicine that can help treat the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, stretch marks, discoloration and the skin’s overall appearance.

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Not just for your face. Vi-Peel can improve the tone, texture and clarity of the skin; diminish the appearance of skin discolorations; reduce the appearance of pore size; soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Improve the look of your neck, décolleté, back, arms and legs.

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Reduce fat in stubborn areas like the abdomen and love handles. It takes just 25 minutes to eliminate up to 24% of the fat cells in treated areas! There is no surgery or downtime, and you’ll see results as soon as 6 weeks (optimal results at 12 weeks) following the procedure. Treated fat cells are permanently destroyed and will not return!

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Tired of that unwanted hair? Come and visit Advanced Aesthetics Med Spa which offers waxing! We provide waxing for both men and women. Our waxing procedures help relax you and decrease the appearance of unwanted hair! Our waxing treatments can treat multiple areas. Say hello to that new smooth and silky skin!

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Baby Foot

Get back silky soft feet with Baby Foot, now offered at Advanced Aesthetics Med Spa! This amazing procedure helps decrease the appearance of dead skin cells. Which means no more pain or skin cracks on the feet! Baby Foot requires 3 easy steps and can be done at home! Baby Foot will give you the fresh feet you have been looking for!

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Radiesse for Hands

As we get older many of us develop facial lines and wrinkles, but did you know signs of aging can appear on different parts of the body? A part of the body that ages is the hands. The hands can lose volume. Advanced Aesthetics provides a solution and that solution is Radiesse! Come and try Radiesse if you would like younger looking hands!

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Skin Tightening / Cellulite Treatment

This in-office procedure can tighten the entire body, helping to minimize the appearance of cellulite and loose skin anywhere it proliferates.

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Vaginal Rejuvenation

This radiofrequency tightening procedure can treat the outside or inside of the vagina. It can increase pleasure during sex, decrease pain during sex, help with urinary incontinence, tighten the vaginal canal and manage vaginal dryness.

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