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About the Treatment

This procedure is different for each woman, according to the specific needs of her body. Our discreet and professional technicians will discuss what sort of treatment will benefit you the most.

Generally, vaginal rejuvenation involves using radio frequency technology to achieve a tightening and firming effect. This is accomplished by stimulating damaged tissues in your body, causing them to break down and be replaced with new, healthier tissue. This will reward you with better lubrication, elasticity, and firmness. There are also cosmetic benefits to this treatment. From an external perspective, vaginal rejuvenation can help to tighten up your labia and improve the general outward appearance of your vagina.

Why Choose Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Our specialists provide the most delicate and personable vaginal rejuvenation treatments for all clients who might be experiencing:med-spa-etiquette-400x392

  • Difficulty keeping tampons inserted
  • A wider vaginal opening that leads to difficulty during intercourse
  • A loss of stimulation and sensation when having sex
  • Tissue protruding from the vagina
  • Excessive scarring or other tissue abnormalities
  • Issues with bowel or bladder incontinence

You can expect the entire rejuvenation process to be over and done within less than an hour. This will allow you to get back on your feet and back to your regular routine right away. Post-procedure restrictions are light. We recommend avoiding sexual activity for at least two days, and it’s best to avoid bathing or swimming pools for the same amount of time.

Is The Treatment Painful?

You won’t have to worry about experiencing any pain during the vaginal rejuvenation procedure. The treatment generally involves a slightly warming, tingling sensation. This is the result of your tissue being stimulated. To lessen any feeling of discomfort, you can also receive local anesthesia to numb the area before the procedure begins. You can be a candidate for this procedure regardless of whether you’re post-menopausal, pre-menopausal, or a mother of multiple children.

Happy Patient Reviews

“The same wonderful experience every time I visit & it’s been 2 years now! 50 & fabulous, Thanks to this team of professional, talented ladies that always make me feel like a dear friend.” Happy Patient

“Literally THE BEST in customer service! Been going a few weeks now and truly feel the benefits! My body is transforming into the best shape it’s ever been in ! Thank you so much!” Happy Patient

“Daphane is very professional. She’s warm, friendly, courteous, patient, and very accommodating. She explains everything to you before and checks on you throughout to make sure you’re comfortable. It’s like you’ve known her all your life.” Happy Patient


“I was recommended to advanced Aesthetics from a trusted friend who knew I was looking for a safe, clean, and friendly environment for laser hair removal. Vanessa and her staff not only provided all of the above, in addition I found myself gaining new beautiful friendships. This place is truly a gem. Amazing staff and service that is hard to find in today’s times. I drive all the way from Jacksonville and its totally worth every mile” Happy Patient

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