Model Behind Large Green LeavesCellulite and caffeine. Two very opposing things. One we hate, the other we love and can’t live without. But does this life-saving morning cup of joe have anything to do with the cellulite we see in the mirror? Please say it isn’t so!

A Bit of Truth About Cellulite

Cellulite is the medical name for the lumpy, bumpy skin you often find on the areas of the body where a greater number of fatty deposits are stored, such as your hips, thighs, and rear end. Unfortunately, women suffer more often from this frustrating cosmetic condition, and it can occur as early on as puberty. Not a fun thing as you’re entering those vital years of school.

Cellulite is present in everyone but rears its ugly head more often as a result of:

  • Hormonal imbalances that affect blood flow and collagen production
  • Genetic factors predisposing you to cellulite
  • An unhealthy lifestyle, especially if you lead an inactive lifestyle and eat foods high in fat

Cellulite becomes visible when fat cells accumulate and push against your skin, while the long, fibrous connective cords that tether the skin to the underlying muscle pull down, creating that telltale dimpling.

If you’re suffering from cellulite and are ready to have smoother skin, Advanced Aesthetics Med Spa can help with cellulite treatments and some personalized recommendations on how you can change your lifestyle to even further decrease that dimpled appearance.

So, Is My Morning Cup of Coffee Making My Cellulite Worse?

The quick answer is a resounding, “No!” However, we at Advanced Aesthetics Med Spa don’t recommend you knock back a whole pot of coffee every day. If you’re over-indulging in this magical black liquid, you will become dehydrated, and when you’re dehydrated, your body thinks it needs to store water reserves. And guess where your body likes to store water? In your fat cells, causing them to swell, which causes cellulite to be more noticeable.

As we said, caffeine is not the culprit of your cellulite. In fact, many effective cellulite treatments use caffeine to stimulate circulation. Caffeine is also known to help tighten the skin, and when your skin gets tighter, the appearance of cellulite decreases.

What Can I Do to Reduce the Appearance of My Cellulite?

At Advanced Aesthetics Med Spa, our team of professionals has everything you need to effectively treat your cellulite problem. To begin cellulite treatment, a member of our team will meet with you one-on-one in our state-of-the-art facility in order to prepare a customized treatment plan for your specific needs.

For most patients, we will begin cellulite treatment with ZO Skin Health Oraser Cellulite Control, which is a topical cream made with a combination of natural ingredients that work together to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

When used as directed, this cream will help smooth your skin, revitalizing its texture, and masking the visible signs of cellulite through intense hydration. Zo Skin Health cellulite treatment also effectively slims the contours of the treated area to prevent fat from continuing to accumulate.

Conveniently, Advanced Aesthetics Med Spa keeps all Zo Skin Health Line cellulite treatment products in stock so you can restock as often as you need to!

Advanced Aesthetics Med Spa Is Your Go-To Stop for Truly Effective Cellulite Treatment

If you’re tired of hiding your legs behind long shorts and pants because of your cellulite, call our office today! You shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed.

We can help with effective, life-changing cellulite treatment. Call our Ocala office today at (352) 620-2566 to learn more.