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Are you tired of trying false lashes? Sick of replacing them day after day and dealing with lash breakage? Do you want a natural look and feel that will have people begging to know your secret to full lashes? Try NovaLash Extensions! Instead of being applied directly on top of the already existing lash, these are extensions which sit on the end of the natural lash. This expands the shape of the lashes, and makes the eyes look more ‘awake’ and bright. At Advanced Aesthetics in Ocala, Florida we offer these lashes to make you stop traffic with one look!

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What are Novalash Extensions?

Unlike traditional false lashes, Novalash extensions do not sit on top of the lashes, but instead are applied at the ends. Their design is tapered, which allows for ease of application and gives a natural appearance. These lashes also do not require the use of mascara for added depth. Instead, they add dimension, volume, and glamour all on their own.


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Experience the Difference. Get NovaLash Extensions Today!

Stop dealing with the daily inconvenience of false lashes! Make the move to NovaLash Extensions and be amazed at the difference these lashes can make. By carefully applying NovaLash Extensions to the ends of the natural lash, patients from all over Ocala can enjoy glamour, dimension, and volume in one fell swoop! Book your appointment today!

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How Long Will My Extensions Last?

Headshot of Beautiful Woman with Flowing Brown Hair and Red LipstickTypically, these extensions can last approximately a year with monthly maintenance. However, the length of time is based on the lash’s natural growth cycle. Since the lashes are applied onto the normal lashes, touchups are dependent on when they fall out. To maintain a full set and appearance, it is recommended to visit your lash professional every 2-3 weeks.

What are the risks?

There is no risk to your natural eyelash when applying the NovaLashes. Unlike other false lashes that applied on top of the lashes, these lashes are applied to the ends. The spots where they are going to place the lashes are carefully preselected. Allowing for the natural lashes to continue to grow without interrupting the growth cycle.

Do NovaLash Eyelash Extensions Require Maintenance?

It is important to take care of your lashes so that they stay in prime condition. NovaLash extensions come with their own set of conditioning/cleansing pads. These pads help with cleaning all the makeup/debris that can accumulate during the day. The pads also moisture the lashes to help them maintain flexibility so that they don’t appear rigid.

When getting these lashes, they come with their own kit and instructions on how to properly care for them. Be sure to follow the instructions to ensure that your lashes will last a long time.

Why Should I Try NovaLash Eyelash Extensions?

If you are tired of buying lashes/applying them yourself, struggling tacky glues that cause damage, and want a natural alternative, these lashes are for you. NovaLashes are the realistic, natural approach, to false lashes. They do not damage your natural look, and they are not applied haphazardly, leaving you looking cartoonish. Instead, they work to enhance the natural look, shape, and texture of the lashes that are already there.

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If you want to learn more about NovaLashes, Advanced Aesthetics can help you! You can contact us to schedule a consultation or you can visit us at our Ocala, Florida office. Our licensed staff will provide you with information on our aesthetic procedures and work to ensure that you achieve the look of your dreams.

*Individual results will vary in each client, we customize your treatment to meet your beauty goals.