Cellulite Reduction: 5 Ridiculous Myths About Removal

As clothes get tighter and more revealing, more and more men and women in Ocala are concerned with the appearance of cellulite. And naturally, they want to know what the ideal choice is for cellulite treatment and removal.

Does Caffeine Cause Cellulite?

Cellulite and caffeine. Two very opposing things. One we hate, the other we love and can’t live without. But does this life-saving morning cup of joe have anything to do with the cellulite we see in the mirror?

When Can I Expect to See Results After Body Contouring Treatment?

So many men and women in Ocala are unhappy with their physical appearance. Whether you have stubborn pockets of fat around your abdomen, or you’re ready to get rid of those last few inches on your thighs, body sculpting at Advanced Aesthetics Med Spa can help give you a trim and sculpted appearance.

How Many Skin Tightening Sessions Do I Need to Get the Results I Want?

It’s not a fun fact (or one that many of us want to accept), but it’s one absolute of life—we all age, and signs of aging will show up in one way or another on our bodies. Part of this aging process means that our skin will become loose and sag because collagen production decreases more and more as we get older.

Is Cellulite Caused By Toxins?

Cellulite isn’t anything any of us care for. In fact, when you happen to notice it in the mirror, it can put a damper on any day and instantly make you turn around and change out of your short shorts. While there are several different known reasons for why cellulite appears on some people and not on others, the truth is that the medical world doesn’t know much about this frustrating “condition.”

3 Ways Non-Surgical Facelifts Address the Loss of Facial Volume

Here at Advanced Aesthetics Med Spa of Ocala, our team works diligently to provide the best technologies and techniques on the cosmetic market to our patients. One of those revolutionary technologies is the TempSure Envi device we use to perform non-surgical facelifts in our area clinic.

Is Fat Permanently Removed with Body Contouring?

If you want to reduce fat in stubborn areas of your body like your abdomen and hips, body contouring with SculpSure at Ocala’s Advanced Aesthetics Med Spa might be just what you need! In just 25 minutes, you can walk away with up to 24% less fat cells in the treated areas with no invasive surgery or downtime.

COVID-19 Update

As our communities continue to feel the impact of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), please know that we are closely monitoring the guidelines from the CDC in response. We will continue to take additional steps to keep our patients and staff safe and to prevent the spread of illness across our community. When you come to visit the Advanced Aesthetics office, be assured that our patient care team is being proactive.

Should I Expect Any Side Effects After Skin Tightening Treatment?

Skin tightening treatments with the professionals at Advanced Aesthetics Med Spa in Ocala can be truly life-changing. Not only can they help eliminate stubborn areas of sagging skin on your body, but with that comes an overall improvement of self-esteem and confidence you’ve been missing for years.