Do you not wear certain types of clothing because of a certain problem? Are you embarrass of the wet marks that appear under your armpits? Do those wet marks make you feel nervous, self-conscious or embarrassed? Wet marks under the armpits can lessen a person’s confidence and it can lower his or her self-esteem. There are deodorants and products that claim to treat this annoying problem, but they don’t always give the best results. Sometimes when it comes to these problems, some of them do you work, but not for a very long time. Is there a treatment that can help treat this uncomfortable problem? The answer is Yes! Advanced Aesthetics Med Spa located in Ocala, now offers miraDry! MiraDry Ocala is a treatment that lets you say goodbye to underarm sweat, hair and odor! MiraDry and Advanced Aesthetics strongly believe that confidence is beautiful!


What are the benefits when it comes to miraDry Ocala?

There are many benefits when it comes to miraDry. Not only does it diminish the appearance of sweat and odor glands, but it can also help you regain confidence in yourself and help you be clean and carefree. You can now wear any outfit, without worrying about any wet stains. Other benefits of miraDry include: no toxins, long-lasting results, non-surgical procedure, minimal to no downtime and you will see the decreasing results of underarm sweat. *

What to expect with MiraDry?

MiraDry Ocala is an FDA-approved non-surgical treatment that prevents and stops underarm sweat glands. This treatment also diminishes odor glands. The treatment is performed in a doctor’s office. *

Who is a suitable candidate for miraDry Ocala?

You are the right candidate for miraDry Ocala if you:

  • Tired of underarm sweat
  • Done with leaving underarm stains on your shirts/dresses
  • Want a natural odor-free lifestyle
  • Don’t want to feel sticky at the end of the day


How does miraDry Ocala work?

The miraDry system targets the sweat and odor glands found in your underarm. Once it targets that area the sweat glands are destroyed, and since they are destroyed they will not come back. Because of the miraWave energy used the sweat glands are destroyed. The sweat glands will not grow back at all. While the sweat glands are destroyed the skin is soothed and cooled and protecting your skin. *

What is the treatment?

When it comes to the MiraDry procedure, it is done in 3 steps.

The first step: the medical expert will mark the target area.

The second step: He or she will then numb the underarm area, this is a very important step, because we don’t want you to feel any pain or discomfort during the process.

The third step: is you will be treated with miraDry! When you combined all these steps together, your underarms will be sweat free!

Does the treatment hurt?

Before the actual treatment begins your underarms will be numbed, which mean you will experience minimal or no pain. *


What are the results?

The procedure for miraDry takes about an hour. The results are known to be long-lasting. You can expect to see immediate results. The results will also show after one treatment. The sweat glands are destroyed so they will not reappear. You can also expect your armpits to be sweat free, clean and carefree. Most importantly with the results you can regain confidence. *

MiraDry Clinically Proven:

According to a MiraDry website, MiraDry has been clinically proven to have an 82% reduction rate in underarm sweat and a 90% rate when it comes to satisfaction. *

“Beautiful and relaxing place. They are very helpful and accommodating, Would definitely recommend!” 
– Happy Client


After the procedure:

Depending on the clients there is little to no downtime after the miraDry Ocala procedure. After the procedure you can return to daily activity. If you would like to exercise it is best to wait several days. Also, after several days after your initial treatment you may experience discomfort around your armpit area. *

How many treatments will a person need?

It is known that you will see immediate results after one treatment, but it may vary depending on the client. Your medical expert will notify you if you will need more treatments or if one will be sufficed. *

Is miraDry Ocala a safe treatment?

The procedure MiraDry has been performed over 55,000 times across the globe, with a great safety record according to the MiraDry website. *

What is the MiraDry Cost Ocala?

The MiraDry Cost varies depending on how many treatments you will need. It also depends on the area that needs to be treated. If you would like more information regarding the MiraDry Cost, contact Advanced Aesthetics Med Spa today!

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