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The signs of aging and skin damage are something all of us have to deal with at some point. With age, skin begins to lose its firmness and elasticity due to collagen loss. While painful, surgical procedures used to be the go-to for facial rejuvenation, there are so many new options that include little to no downtime for our Ocala clients. If you are looking for a way to rejuvenate your face and youthfulness, it could be a great time to try TempSure Envi Ocala.

TempSure Envi is a safe, effective, and extremely precise radio frequency skin treatment that can be done in under an hour. At Advanced Aesthetics in Ocala, FL we offer TempSure Envi and many of our clients are satisfied with the results. TempSure Envi is a great compliment to many of our non-invasive procedures or great on its own.

We understand the need for beautiful-looking skin at Advanced Aesthetics so come in today for your free consultation for TempSure Envi!

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What is TempSure Envi?

TempSure Envi is an FDA-approved radio frequency device for tightening and rejuvenating skin. As we age, collagen production begins to decrease every year, resulting in skin beginning to show signs of aging like sagging and wrinkles. Instead of masking the problem, TempSure tackles the root of the cause and works to directly stimulate collagen production.

A technician uses a handheld device to treat target areas by heating deeper layers. In response to the controlled heat, skin increases collagen production, resulting in enhanced appearance. TempSure Envi uses advanced technology to provide heat at a precise temperature so it does not damage the top layer of skin. Instead, it works deep within the dermis to rebuild collagen and elastin connections. The result is the enhancement of skin structure and appearance.

TempSure Envi is effective for treating:


Icon Depicting Loose Skin

Loose skin

Icon Depicting Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles

Icon Depicting Skin Folds

Skin folds

Skin Tightening & Cellulite Treatment

Because the treatment is gentle and non-invasive, it works great on all skin types and tones*. Furthermore, treatment is not just limited to the face. TempSure Envi works great to tighten skin or treat cellulite deep within other parts of the body like the abdomen, legs, arms, buttocks, or any area that needs treatment. Because it is so gentle, Tempsure Envi can be used on delicate parts of the body too.

If you have skin issues and think TempSure Envi may be right for you, talk to one of our experienced staff members for more information about how the procedure can benefit you.

Contact our Ocala office at (352) 620-2566 for more information about TempSure Envi.

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What is the procedure like?

TempSure Envi is a quick and simple procedure that can be done in the convenience of your lunch break. Procedures generally take under an hour and clients will not require downtime. Before the procedure, a technician will prepare the target area with a specialized gel. Anesthetic treatment is not generally a requirement. In a survey, 99% of clients report that they feel no pain with the procedure*. Many clients describe the feeling of the treatment as warming and relaxing.

A technician will massage the treatment area in a circular motion with the TempSure device. After the treatment you are free to return to work or normal activities. Because the treatment is non-invasive, side effects are generally minimal. However, some clients report minimal redness following the procedure. Any side effects should dissipate within a few days of the procedure.

If you have questions or concerns about the procedure, side effects, or what to expect, please ask at your consultation and we will be happy to answer all of your questions!

What will my results be like?

Many clients notice an immediate enhancement of skin*. However, you will see better results from your TempSure Envi Ocala treatment after a few weeks. Because TempSure Envi works on the deeper layers of skin and promotes skin’s natural collagen production response, results are gradual as collagen production takes place. We recommend that you receive three to five TempSure Envi treatments, spaced out every few weeks to achieve your desired results. The number of treatments you will need is dependent on the severity of skin issues and the area that the treatment will target.

Tempsure Envi Before and After Photo of the Back of the Legs

How do I learn more?

If you are ready to say goodbye to loose skin, cellulite, or lines and wrinkles, you should consider Tempsure Envi treatments in Ocala! Skin tightening and rejuvenation doesn’t have to be invasive, painful, or require downtime. With TempSure Envi, we can stimulate your skin’s normal collagen production for results that look and feel natural! At Advanced Aesthetics, we are passionate about being part of your skin care journey and we work hard to give you the results you want! Give us a call today to schedule your consultation and begin your TempSure Envi treatment experience!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary. Any information or pictures displayed does not guarantee a clients results, side effects, or candidacy for treatment. A comprehensive medical exam and consultation is required before any procedure or treatment.

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