Even if you have never had a BOTOX® injection yourself, you probably know someone who has. BOTOX has risen to become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world, offering a quick and simple way to rejuvenate your facial appearance.

What you might not know is that this injectable treatment can do more than just reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Botox can also be injected to treat a range of medical conditions. A common example of this is what is known as “masseter BOTOX,” where the medicine is injected into the masseter muscles that control the opening and closing of your mouth. This BOTOX application is often recommended as a treatment for teeth grinding, chronic jaw pain, and more. A common question from patients: Beyond its medical uses, can masseter BOTOX also offer any cosmetic effects? Specifically, can it lead to a slimmer, trimmer facial appearance?

What Are the Uses of Masseter BOTOX?

There are several reasons why your doctor might recommend masseter BOTOX. Some of the most popular uses of this technique include:

  • Teeth grinding. BOTOX injections have been proven to decrease the grinding force as well as the frequency associated with bruxism. For some patients, masseter BOTOX may be a more effective solution than wearing a mouth guard.
  • Jaw pain. Masseter BOTOX may also be used to address the discomfort caused by frequent jaw clenching. Jaw pain affects as much as 12 percent of the population, but BOTOX injections can greatly reduce the effects of clenching.
  • Tension headaches. Masseter BOTOX injections can also be effective remedies for relieving pain in the muscles that surround the temples, including discomfort caused by TMJ symptoms.
  • Changing facial shape. Finally, masseter BOTOX can weaken the muscles that provide your jawline with its square, boxy shape. In doing so, these injections cause the face to appear slimmer.

Masseter BOTOX can yield a number of benefits, including not just medical advantages but cosmetic ones, too. If you have been seeking a non-surgical way to achieve a slimmer facial shape, ask your doctor if masseter BOTOX is right for you.

How Long Does Masseter BOTOX Last?

As you consider getting masseter BOTOX to change your facial appearance, it is only natural to wonder how long the effects will last. BOTOX is not permanent, and different people have varied responses to it. Depending on how your body responds to BOTOX, your effects could last anywhere from six months to more than a year.

Also note that, if you are pleased with the cosmetic results you achieve from masseter BOTOX, you can schedule routine maintenance injections, allowing you to sustain your results indefinitely.

Is Masseter BOTOX Right for You?

There are several reasons to consider masseter BOTOX. At Advanced Aesthetics Med Spa, we are pleased to offer this non-surgical treatment option for patients looking to alter their facial appearance, specifically by slimming it down. To learn more about your options for BOTOX, schedule a consultation at our Ocala practice: Call (352) 620-2566.