Female in red bikini running on beachSo many men and women in Ocala are unhappy with their physical appearance. Whether you have stubborn pockets of fat around your abdomen, or you’re ready to get rid of those last few inches on your thighs, body sculpting at Advanced Aesthetics Med Spa can help give you a trim and sculpted appearance.

Our professional clinicians utilize the advanced technology of SculpSure and TempSure Envi to provide patients with fat elimination in a non-invasive, non-surgical way. If you’d like to know more about the results you can expect to see after body contouring, keep reading!

What Is SculpSure and When Can I Expect to See My Results?

SculpSure body contouring uses state-of-the-art light-based technology to help men and women achieve a slimmer, more contoured appearance. By protecting the top layers of skin, this laser works to destroy fat cells deep beneath the skin. As they die, the fat cells then leave the body through its natural process of elimination.

Not only is body contouring treatment with SculpSure gentle and comfortable, but there is no downtime required after each session, and normal daily activities can be resumed after you leave our Ocala office.

Results from body contouring with SculpSure can be seen in as little as 6 weeks following your last treatment session, with optimal results appearing within 12 weeks after your last treatment session.

What Is TempSure Envi and When Can I Expect to See my Results?

To further enhance results with your body contouring experience, many men and women in Ocala choose to include TempSure Envi as part of their body contouring treatment plan at Advanced Aesthetics Med Spa. This FDA-approved device uses radio frequency energy to tighten aging and sagging skin.

With its advanced technology, TempSure Envi protects the top layers of skin while gently and precisely heating deep within the dermis. This encourages the production of collagen, which in turn tightens and lifts the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, and skin folds.

Many of our TempSure Envi clients notice an enhancement in their treated skin immediately following each session; however, the process of rebuilding collagen takes some time, so optimal results will be seen within 12 weeks after your final treatment. The number of treatments you will need will be determined by your clinician when you visit our office for an initial consultation.

There are specific ways TempSure Envi can benefit patients wishing to enhance their body contouring results. To find out more about how this technology can help you with your specific needs, talk to one of our professional clinicians during a one-on-one consultation.

Get the Trim, Sculpted Body You’ve Been Looking for with Body Contouring at Advanced Aesthetics Med Spa

The professionals at Advanced Aesthetics Med Spa have been providing men and women in Ocala with anti-aging, cosmetic improvements for more than 16 years, and they’re ready to help you with your body contouring goals.

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